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The Nightingale’s prayer’s synopsis ملخص فيلم دعاء الكروان

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Warning: spoilers

The movie tells the story of two sisters Henady and Amna, whom were forced by poverty to work as maids in two different households. Amna works for a nice family that has a daughter (Ghadeega) of similar age as Amna. Ghadeega befriends Amna in a way, and tries to teach her a little about the world that Amna has never imagined that it existed, like piano lessons and French. Ghadeega reads to Amna whom never learnt to read or write. She reads her stories about love and betrayal.

Henady on the other hand works for the agricultural engineer for this small town, later you find our that he seduced Henady to sleep with him, and she was pregnant. Henady’s mother ashamed and abhorred calls her brother to pegs him to take her and his nieces back to their village, he does come for them, but for different purpose, on their way home he kills Henady, and order her mother and sister not to cry over her, as she brought this on herself.

Amna vows to take vengeance for her murdered sister from the Henady’s previous employer, whom she considered to be the main cause of Henady’s death.

She get to work for him, as he is always in need for a new maid, for he likes the change that allows him temporarily to forget the boredom of his everyday life.

Amna tried to kill him, but she fails, as she finds out, that killing someone, even if you do hate him, is a difficult thing to do. So, instead, she takes an advice from a friend, that suggest to make him fall hopelessly in love with her, and then leaves him, that way he may lose all hope of life and maybe even kill himself, like a previous lover of this friend have done.

Amna uses this new trick, but it backfires, instead they fall in love with each other, so in love that he proposes to marry her, and she then confesses that she can never accept his proposal, to her misery and his, because of what he did to her sister.

The movie ends with Amna’s uncle finding her working for the same man whom caused Henady to lose her honor, he assumes that Amna lost hers, and for that she must die.

He attempts to shoot her, but the engineer puts himself between Amna and her uncle, offering his life to save her, which he believe is the only gift he can give that would reconcile them.


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