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Logan: How to say farewell

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Hugh Jackman has announced that this is the last time he will depict the fierce super-hero Wolverine, so if you’re an X-Men fan, seeing the movie would be a must.

The plot begins at 2029, we see a much older wolverine, who is taking care of Charles Xavier (Patric Stewart) for he suffers from a degenerative brain disease. Almost all mutants are gone. However, Logan meets Laura (Dafne Keen), whom bears a lot of resemblance to him, and she is asking him to help her cross to the Canadian border, for she is being pursued by a powerful corporation.

A different yet familiar story:

This movie holds a greater emotional impact for we get to see a more a human-like super-hero, this time Logan is suffering from the grip of time, he is not as resilient as he used to, and he is dying, which makes us sympathize with the character and feel uneasy as the outcome of each fight is not guaranteed.

Logan’s relationship with Charles develops to be similar to a father/ son bond. A father who is growing weaker and entirely dependent on his son, which is heart-breaking, especially when we realize that Logan is not as cold-hearted as he likes other to believe, and that he truly cares for Charles.

Yet the story of the older, susceptible to death super-hero has been successfully played before, in “The Dark Knight Rises” so it is not a brand new concept.

A for action:

Even though Wolverine has lost some of his prowess due to old age, the rating R finally gave the movie permission to show us how vicious Wolverine can be, therefore the fight scenes are brilliant and well choreographed.

However there are two exceptions, first the use of CGI was obvious and the overuse of it was disappointing. Secondly the camera work used to depict Xavier’s seizures came across as a boring copy of QuickSilver scene in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, it also raises a moral dilemma, for Wolverine kills his enemies -during a seizure- extremely slowly while they are unable to fight back.

Time to laugh:

The movie is quite darker than the previous ones in the franchise, so it was the right move to have it include enough comedic scenes and lines that would surly make you laugh, which is almost a necessity.

The end of Wolverine:

Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for the past 17 years, so are we ready to say goodbye to him? With the satisfying end of the movie, and his spectacular performance, we might.

Are we ready to say goodbye to Wolverine? well, we have seen franchises end, and get rebooted again with different cast members (“Spiderman” for example), So we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for “Logan” I personally believe it deserves a 7,5/ 10 rating, For Jackman, Stewart, and Keen’s performance, the depth in the plot, and the rated R action scenes.


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